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Mir Anees

Ali ibn Abu Talib says:
“A man can be judged by his words.”
And that is what this site is all about… It judges Mir Babar Ali Anees the man who awarded the title of Khuda-e-Sukhan, the Creator of words.

Indeed, some readers will reckon that Mir Anees can be judged as the best poet in the Urdu language only, however that is a shortsighted view of this great man’s phenomenal and unparalleled feat with words.
Poetry is not only about language, its about the perfect balance between each and every line that is composed. Thorough poetry is the beauty that originates in the flow of the words when they are read out… the rhythmic sounds that enter the heart through the ears.

A passionate fan of Mir Anees said about his poetry, “It seems as though my heart has tasted honey, a heavenly drink, through my ears.” Sometimes people do not understand the rare words used by Mir Anees in his poem, but satisfy the thirst of eloquence and elocution by just listening to the rhythm of his flowing words.
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Editor's Note


talibnewA comprehensive study on Mir Anees in the English language. My passion and dedication to the poetry of Mir Babar Ali Anees began with my fascination and devotion to the love and adoration to Imam Hussain(a.s.), the highest common personality between Mir Anees and me. I am also a great fan of the legendry poet Shaheed Mohsin Naqvi, whom I read for years before I started reading Mir Anees. He was titled ‘Mir-e-Saani’ or Mir Anees of his time. He was famous for his ghazals too but he got real stature and recognition as a poet of Imam Hussain(as). When I initially took interest in the poetry of Mir Anees, I couldn’t even read urdu… my mother would read it out to me till the late hours of the night and listening to the wonderful epics, I would often fall asleep while my mother would continue reading. Then one fine day, she handed all my Mir Anees books to me and told me that if I wanted to read Mir Anees I should learn to read urdu myself. Which I did. Along the way I also found out that it is not at all that difficult to learn this amazing language. One just needs a little dedication and a little time. As far as I am concerned, I’m dedicating my entire life to this noble cause although as of now I am still a slightly slow reader and a really slow writer. So even the credit for teaching me the A,B,C of Urdu goes to Mir Anees and my mother of course. The contributions of Mir Anees to the                                       Urdu language is incomparable.


I owe all my gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation to Imam Mehdi (a.s.), my Master, my Protector, my Mentor, my Patron, my Guide, my Supporter, my Teacher, without whose divine inspiration and stimulation this work on Imam Hussain (a.s.) would not have been possible. He guided me just like the sun guides the travelers from behind the clouds… Thanks and much more thanks to him. … Ready for his service always, Next, I would like to acknowledge my mother Shama Mehdi Rizvi who inscribed in me the love of Imam Hussain (a.s.), when I was a child, as an inscription written on stone. Thanks to her for introducing me to Imam Hussain (a.s.) and the best of bounties (like Mir Anees) followed. This work belongs to her! Thanks to Pa, Mohammad Mehdi Rizvi, my greatest support, advocate and sponsor. Can never thank him enough! Thanks to my inspiration Mir Anees, what would I do without him? Thanks to my younger sister, Eram Rizvi, a critic I cannot thrive without. The translations are her handywork and lots of editions too! Thanks to my youngest sister, Alaviya Rizvi, she helped me when I needed her most! Thanks to my pal, Qasid Rizvi, being my web designer and worked for nights on end to bring this work into the shape that it is seen now. - Abu Talib Rizvi

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